The Perfect Bundle!

I recently got to attend the 2018 Quilt Market & Festival, which is an annual event here in Houston where thousands of talented quilters come together to browse and preview lots of new ideas, fabrics, and patterns from hundreds of incredible textile artists, quilt designers, and small business owners (like myself!).

It didn’t take long to stumble upon my not-so-guilty pleasure – fat quarters bundles.

I think fat quarter bundles are beautiful! When I see them artfully displayed around quilt shops, or at a vendor booth, I can practically hear them calling my name. They are carefully coordinated fabrics from a single fabric line, and they promise a delightful end result. To be honest, I often have trouble deciding which bundles to take home, because I find the perfection a little overwhelming.

How can I bear to break the beautiful bundle apart? What if I mis-cut or simply want more of a favorite piece? Plus, there are just so many to choose from! How can one quilter decide?

But choose I did!

This year, I purchased several fabric bundles, and one such bundle happened to be a primarily floral collection with lots of shimmer. This is somewhat of a departure from the pieces I usually add to my stash, but this grouping was so beautiful I couldn’t bear to leave it behind.

Today, I gathered up those shimmering flowers, stretched my creative muscle, and stitched up a new design. My goal with the pattern was to create something that was easy and satisfying to piece together, and that would also show off each fabric in a unique way.

I’m thrilled to say that the pattern is finished and it’s simple, elegant, and packed with charm. Not only that, but after the design was complete, the entire thing only took an afternoon to piece. Which is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I can’t wait until I am able to share the finished photos!  The pattern will be available shortly, so keep on the lookout for the release of this new design. Once it’s available, I hope it inspires you to enjoy a creative afternoon with your own favorite fat quarter bundle.

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