Pattern Updates

Despite my best efforts to make sure that patterns are correct and complete, sometimes errors get past me. Please see below for known updates. If you find something that needs to be fixed in one of my patterns, please let me know by emailing Thank you!

Modern Holiday

Issue:  Cream yardage requirement inaccurate;  Optional paper piecing templates too small.

Correction:  Cutting chart and pattern cover have been updated to reflect 1.5 yards of cream fabric required; please download MODERN HOLIDAY RESIZED TEMPLATES for paper piecing and be sure to print at 100% scale.



Issue:  Cutting chart indicates letter E Squares & F Rectangles while written instructions refer to letter F Squares & G Rectangles

Correction: Cutting chart has been updated to reflect F Squares & G Rectangles. Piece E is intentionally omitted.


Fly Away Home

Issue:  80″ x 80″ size indicates 130 additional B Squares.

Correction:  80″ x 80″ size requires  a total of 152 additional B Squares.  Original yardage is correct and accommodates this correction.


A Stitch In Prime

Issue:  Numbers of cut pieces are inaccurate

Corrections:          Original yardage is correct and will accommodate these corrections.


Cut 106) 1.5” x 8.5” of primary yardage unless using WOF strip piecing (includes 80 Units 1 & 2 plus 26 for strip sets)

Cut 55) 1.5″ x 8.5″ of secondary yardage unless using WOF strip piecing (includes 80 Units 1 & 2 plus 26 for strip sets)


Unit 1 – Stitch together using a precise ¼ “seam to create 24) 3.5” x 8.5” units.

Sashing – Add an additional Unit 3 to one end of each of 2 small sashing pieces.


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