There’s a First Time for Everything!

Tomorrow Sunday, July 1, 2018.    You might be asking yourself, “What is so special about tomorrow?”  Well, it’s the opening day for the QuiltCon 2019 call for entries and yup! This girl’s gonna go for it! Believe it or not, I’ve never entered a quilt show before! I’ve had quilts exhibited with my guild quilt showsContinue reading “There’s a First Time for Everything!”

Welcome to My New Beginning!

New beginnings.  Sometimes they happen  multiple times.  I’ve moved my domain to WordPress, so a brand new beginning it is! The downside is that I have to rebuild my website from scratch. The upside, which is always my favorite point of view, is that it’s a fresh new start!  Not only will I be able toContinue reading “Welcome to My New Beginning!”