Perfectly Pressed

Pressing.  Although it’s what quilters do to our projects as we piece along, Merriam Webster defines it as an adjective meaning “urgently important.”  Proper pressing helps me achieve my best quilting results, so I tend to believe the adjective definition applies! I’ve heard strong feelings expressed about a lot of things related to getting theContinue reading “Perfectly Pressed”

Half-Square Triangles

Let’s talk about half square triangles.   I love them! If you are also a fan, you probably agree that half-square triangles are a basic and extremely versatile building block for quilt designs. They can be made with just one ruler, very little fabric and they offer lots of creative options for assembly. For piecing stars,Continue reading “Half-Square Triangles”

A Community of Caring

The holiday seasons brings out the best and most generous nature in people. We give of our time, our talent and our tangible assets to help make the season warm, safe and bright for others.  One of the most generous communities of people I know are quilters. Regardless of where I’ve lived, what guild I’veContinue reading “A Community of Caring”