31 Days!

Today marks the end of a journey. I have successfully completed 31 days  of the 31 Day Blog Challenge, which I boldly agreed to at the first of the month.  Do you want to know what I’ve learned? Blogging is a bit like quilting. Funny that!

Some days I am inspired. I can see the finished results in my mind’s eye and can produce successful outcomes easily and in a short amount of time. Other days the process is much like chain piecing without bobbin thread. I’d move steadily and confidently along only to find I’d created nothing and had to go back to the beginning.

But the truth is that no matter how good (or bad) I am at any element of my life, practice makes…well, if not perfect, at least it keeps my mind fresh and my heart young! And as I turn my face upright and grinning into the new year, I am resolving to stay alert and enthusiastic to all the new and exciting opportunities coming my way.

Thank you for going on this blogging journey with me. I hope this new year brings you abundance and joy in equal measure.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

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