Cleaning Up

Today I am working on the first part of a  clean up. This effort is not just about my overcrowded studio space, although it’s somewhat related. It’s about my project stack. There are several things just lurking. A binding for a friend’s antique quilt find. A  group project with a deadline. And the numbers on the list just keep going. It’s a lengthy tally, but I really do want to get these things done!

While plentiful, each task will only take a short time to complete, and will bring me a ton of satisfaction. They also require a little deliberate action of simply “doing”…when I really want to go play with new fabric I was gifted or watch a video of a favorite Instagrammer. It takes a little focus and discipline to make sure I don’t just ignore the stack completely in favor of almost anything else.

But I know that if I will take this weekend to chip away at these little tasks, I will be able to cruise into the upcoming new year with a lighter load of obligations. Having fewer things lurking on my to-do list means more time to play. As an added benefit, my studio gets cleaner, too!

Sometimes, less really is more!

This weekend I’m going to be all about wrapping up loose ends so I can jump into 2019 with creative abandon.  

Do you have creative weekend plans?

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