Green Spaces

I knew that Houston, Texas would hold charm in abundance, but it caught me by delightful surprise at how beautiful such a big city could be. There are so many amazing green spaces, and sweet little pocket parks tucked between towering high-rises and along more suburban routes. Our gorgeous Memorial Park boasts walking and biking trails, and you can walk along any number of bayous, taking the time to watch blue jays and cardinals staking out the branches they claim as their own.

One of the best things about all these open spaces is the opportunity it gives me to take my quilts out into the wild. Draped on a wooden handrail or a stone bridge support, tucked into the crook of a massive live-oak tree, or fanned out on a rolling green hill amidst our famed bluebonnets, there are plenty of opportunities for a terrific photo.

I’m particularly thankful for the double dose of luck these pretty places offer me. They provide a place not only for a breath of fresh air, but also serve to showcase my creations in the most perfect of settings. I couldn’t have made a better background if I tried.

Green spaces refresh and inspire me.

Do they inspire you? I’d love to see your favorite photos from the outdoor places you find most beautiful.

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