Free Wreath Pattern!

I don’t know about you, but I take great delight in finding out what funny national holiday it is every morning. Our local newscaster usually mentions it, but it’s an easy internet search if I miss the announcement. There are days that make me laugh (National Kiss A Wookiee Day, June 15th!) but there are also days that are sweet and worth celebrating. 

Today is National Wreaths Across America Day and in celebration of wreaths, I’m giving away a free pattern.

Wreaths are lovely additions to my décor and can be used inside and out at any time of year. Adding a wreath to my home in the form of a table top quilt is just another fun way I can enjoy them.

So today, if you subscribe to my mailing list, you’ll receive a free, downloadable pattern to celebrate the day. And don’t worry — if you’ve already signed up, I’ll send a pattern to you as well. (You know what? Since it’s a little later in the day, I’ll also send a free pattern to anybody who signs up on Sunday, December 16th, too!)

You get a wreath pattern! And you get a wreath pattern! Everybody gets a wreath pattern!

(By the way, it’s also National Cat-Herding Day, but a free wreath pattern seemed much less exhausting.)


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