Applied Math

School has always been one of my favorite places. I loved it, and I especially loved beingchallenged. That doesn’t mean there weren’t subjects that I struggled with, but they all have found a way to serve me later in life. One of those subjects was Geometry. Little did I know, as I studied theorems, shapes, and spatial connectivity that there would be a cool use for all that calculating in my future.  Enter Quilting!

Today I excel at math and you can, too. In fact, you probably already do! As quilters, we estimate the size we want our finished project to be and calculate how much yardage we need. We aggregate the number of fat quarters we will use in lieu of yardage and forecast how many of the various sizes and shapes we can cut from each. 

With a rotary cutter in hand, we easily puzzle-piece the required elements to fulfill our project needs, knowing a miscalculation may cause another trip to the quilt shop for more fabric (which I think is a brilliant excuse to return to one of my favorite places.)

Borders and binding require averages and easements. Even fabric has scale and design that must be carefully balanced, although that’s one place that preference can overrule any mathematical statement. 

Quilting is the proof that I really did absorb a lot in school, and I get to apply it to life with beautiful results.

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