Speaking of Binding…

In yesterday’s blog I talked about the joy of hand sewing my binding, particularly bias bindingwhen my quilt is going to be gifted.  Rumor has it that not every quilter shares that happy outlook, and some don’t like making binding at all. And that’s okay! Straight or bias, single or double fold, sometimes folks only make binding out of necessity and there are a lot of strong opinions about which type to make.

I happen to be a big fan of double fold (also called French fold) bias binding for a few reasons. It’s got a higher thread count at the folded edge of the binding and therefore will stand up to more wear and washings. Because I consider my quilts “functional art” and encourage their use, this extra durability is important to me. Bias binding is encouraged for curved edges, especially if you want your project to lay flat, but I also like to use it for straight edges because of the added strength. If I choose a geometric or striped fabric, the bias adds visual interest that is lots of fun. Finally, I make bias binding because I find that, for me, it is faster and easier than making straight binding.

If you are already a bias binding fan, of if maybe your interest has been piqued into giving it a try, I encourage you to download the free instruction page from the Freebies tab of my website. Imagine being able to make 4 yards of binding from 1 fat quarter with only 2 seams. Give it a try and you may become a bias binding believer, too!

I’d like to hear about favorite binding method! Please share your techniques in the comments.

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