It’s Binding Weather!

lisa-woakes-697094-unsplash.jpgThe clouds rolled in today with heavy rains in the forecast. While it isn’t bitterly cold in Texas (this week) it is cool enough for winter clothes, cozy jammies, a cup of cocoa or tea and yes…quilting! In particular, I like to hand-sew binding when winter weather rolls in.

It is true that machine stitching is neat, durable and faster than hand sewing. Still, I enjoy the time it takes to slowly stitch my way around the perimeter. Hand sewing allows me to cover up in my creation and enjoy the colorful warmth and comfort as I draw nearer and nearer to the finish.

I also like to think that hand sewing honors the quilters of by-gone days who didn’t have machines and modern quilting tools. That makes me feel more connected to my craft and inspires me to continue to share my love of quilting with others.

If the quilt is a gift, hand sewing allows me a little time to delight in thoughts of the recipient and to capture some positive wishes for them in every stitch.

Do you hand or machine stitch your binding? Please share your favorite binding tips!

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