C is for COOKIE!

It might be a bit odd to claim a favorite letter of the alphabet, but the letter “C” stands asCookies 3 a perpetual favorite of mine. With the letter “C” you can be…

Cozy.  Comfortable.  You can have… compassion and community.  And let’s not forget, you can enjoy…


Did you know today is National Cookie Day?

Soft or crunchy, rolled and cut into fun shapes, sprinkled with sugar, or iced with colorful glaze. There isn’t a wrong way to prepare these little hand-held delights. Cookies are, and have always been, a crowd-pleaser in my house. Keeping a plate of chocolate chip cookies around for longer than a week is definitely a challenge!

While I have personal favorites that I enjoy on occasion all year round,  I always look forward to the cookies that appear around the holiday season. I have special recipes that only come out during this time of year, and each worn and well-loved recipe card brings a sweet trip down memory lane.

These recipes were a part of my childhood, and the flavors have turned into traditional treats that my children look forward to with the same enthusiasm as I did when I was a child. I enjoy baking them for my family as much as I love eating them!

Some of these cookies may only make an appearance once a year, but they remain a sweet ritual that heralds the celebration of the season.

Do you have a special holiday cookie recipe? Maybe I’ll try my hand at making them!

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