Challenge Accepted!

I recently had the good fortune to take several Quilt Market & Quilt Festival classes fromsafe_image Cheryl Sleboda of  Cheryl shared lots of great information for  those of us with a creative arts business and many of her thoughts apply to ANY business endeavor, particularly if said business has a social media presence.

The importance of blogging was something I heard more than once during these classes but having never really developed the fine art of blogging I freely confess to not stepping up to apply the advice.  Until. Now. (Or at least I’m going to attempt it!)

Today marks the beginning of the 4th annual 31-Day Blog Writing Challenge and I’ve decided to give it a go. Watch for my daily posts and be sure to follow Glenda Wilder Designs on FB, Instagram and join my email list to keep up to date on the latest from my studio.

Until tomorrow…

31-Day Blog Challenge

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