Dear Alamogordo…

downloadDear Alamogordo,

Tuesday evening I attended a meeting of the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston. Pam Holland was our guest speaker and as you probably know, she makes an annual trip to Alamogordo in conjunction with the Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts.  Pam is a world renowned artist and she “pays it forward” through this event benefitting the children of Otero County.

Her program included slides from the Festival and it was a ton of fun for me to sit in an auditorium in Houston and see familiar faces in the photographs while hearing about the good work that is happening in Alamogordo and Otero County.   How happy it made me to know that in some small way, through the magic of media and textile arts, that our creative paths could still be intertwined while 800+ miles apart!

Until we visit again in person (maybe at next year’s Festival?) I share my best.  And if you are ever in Houston be sure to reach out to say “hi!”

And chiles…bring green chiles..

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