My Favorite “F” Word!

I admit it, I’m a big fan of the “F” Word – FINdownloadISHED!  This summer, I’m on a mission to exercise this 6th letter of the alphabet to the fullest extent possible, as I FINISH projects that have been tucked away in corners and cabinets for far too long.

I am using up odd materials that were given to me 8 years ago (think of a popular purple bag from a Canadian Whiskey product)  in hopeful anticipation of someday having a quilt .  I’m looking at and mentally redesigning an “I gave up frustrated” project that is still boxed up with coordinating, uncut fabrics. There’s that stack of 65 flying geese, 1″ strips and large chunks of border fabric given to me years ago- “leftovers” from someone else’s kit that I just couldn’t see thrown away.

Should I be designing for the upcoming fall and holiday season? Sure! But sometimes creativity rises more readily to the surface when it’s not weighted down with other “stuff.”  Cleaning out and finishing up for the sake of sewing and reaching that elusive 6th letter of the alphabet is the best contribution to the process.

What are you doing to clean out, use up, free your creative spirit and reach the “F” word in your studio?

Love to hear from you!



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